Dunlap Co-op

Below is information for our 2017/2018 year.

Dates : 2017 Fall Semester – Wednesdays September 6th- December 6th
*No Co-op on September 27 or November 23rd*                                                                                                                           

              2018 Spring Semester – Wednesdays January 10th – March 28th  

Note: Registration and fees cover the full school year.  The classes run for two semesters.  

Contact: Angela Beddingfield – angelabeddingfield@gmail.com
Where: Cedar Hills Baptist Church in Dunlap on the corner of Cedar Hills Drive & Allen Road
12716 North Allen Road
Dunlap, IL 61525
Who: K5 – 12th Grades
Cost: Prior to July 1st:
Family Registration Fee: $60
Elementary Classes – $40 per class/per year
Junior High/High School Classes – $50 per class/per year
Art Supply Fee – $5
After July 15th:
Registration fee – $70 per family
Elementary Classes – $50 per class
Junior High/High School Classes – $60 per class
Art Supply Fee – $10
After August 5th:
Registration fee- $75 per family
All other fees are the same as the After July 1st rates.

Refunds: Registration is non-refundable.  Class fees are fully refundable through 9/7, 50% refunded through 9/14, and non-refundable after 9/14.

Financial:  All registration forms and payment or payment arrangements must be completed to by deadline dates to receive the stated rate.

Family Rate: The first three oldest children (living in the same household) pay full price.  Any additional children may attend the co-op for free with the exception of the art supply fee.

Payments/Scholarships: We never want finances to hinder a family from participating in the co-op. If you would like to participate in the co-op but finances would not allow it, please contact Angela for arrangements.  Payment arragnements can be made, and discounts are available.

Parents’ Involvement/Responsibility: While parents are welcome to observe, help, and be involved as much as they would like, we only ask that a parent volunteer one week of co-op per semester.  This is just one week per family, not per child.  There are many ways to volunteer: helping in the nursery, assisting a teacher in a class, assisting with clean up.  Most volunteers will simply be assiting the teacher in a class.  Contact Angela to sign up for the week you’d like to help.  If you are unable to volunteer, we ask that you  pay a $20 fee per semester.  We want to continue to minister to moms by giving  you a day each week to complete tasks of your choosing, but we could also use a hand here and there and will enjoy getting to know you better as we serve together.

Supplies and Curriculum to Purchase

Needed Supplies: 
All classes – pencils, folder, backpack/bag, notebook paper

Art – A spiral sketch pad and paint smock or large, old t-shirt

Writing – 2nd-4th Grades – Just Write Book 1 by Wilmerding and Bigelow, 5th-6th Grades Jump In by Apologia, 7th-12 Grades Writers in Residence by Apologia

Government/Civics – American Government in Christian Perspective by Abeka


K5-1st Grade – No science curriculum needed

1st-6th Grade Science Classes – Apologia Anatomy for the first semester and Apologia Elementary Chemistry/Physics for the second semester.  Purchase the textbook and the journal.  Families can share a textbook, and if helpful, you can share the consumable journal as well.

Grades 2nd-3rd use the junior journal.  Grades 4th-6th use the regular journal.

7th-12th Grade Science Classes
General Science – Apologia Textbook & *Journal
Biology –  Apologia Textbook, *Journal,  and Dissection specimens

*For General Science and Biology the journal is optional, but it is very helpful

The Dunlap Co-op is not a school.  We are a ministry offering
weekly classes to enrich and encourage what an individual is being
taught and is learning outside of our classes.  The parents of
our students are responsible for their own adherence to state standards,
grading, and end result of how they use the information they receive from the
classes offered through this ministry.

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