Dunlap Co-op


Note: Registration is per semester, but the classes run for two semesters.  If your child is in the co-op during the fall semester, in the spring they will register for the same classes that they took in the fall.

Fall 2016 Semester 
Wednesdays September 7th – December 7th, 2016 

*There will be no co-op on September 28th or November 23rd.*

The Dunlap Co-op meets on Wednesdays at Cedar Hills Baptist Church in Dunlap, Illinois. Classes are divided by grade level. We offer Music, Art, Spanish, Writing, Band, Orchestra, Home Economics, Shop, Theater, Lego Club  Craft Club, and Apologia Zoology: Swimming Creatures, Chemistry/Physics, Anatomy, Astronomy, General Science, Biology, & Chemistry.

Below are the details for this semester.

Dates: September 7th – December 7th, 2016

Day/Time: Wednesdays 10:00-3:50
Contact: Angela Beddingfield – angelabeddingfield@gmail.com
Where: Cedar Hills Baptist Church in Dunlap on the corner of Cedar Hills Drive & Allen Road
12716 North Allen Road
Dunlap, IL 61525
Who: Pre-K (4 years old) – 12th Grades
Cost: Prior to July 1st:
Family Registration Fee: $40
Elementary Classes – $20 per class
Junior High/High School Classes – $30 per class
Band/Orchestra – $65 per student (Intro to Band -$30)
After July 1st:
Registration fee – $50 per family
Elementary Classes – $25 per class
Junior High/High School Classes – $35 per class
Band/Orchestra – $70 per student (Intro to Band -$40)
Refunds: Registration is non-refundable.  Class fees are fully refundable after attending the first week, 50% refunded after the second week, and non-refundable afterwards.
Discounts:  Current co-op families who register prior to May 15th  will receive a $10 discount on their family registration fee. All registration forms and payment or payment arrangements must be completed to receive discount.
Family Rate: The first three oldest children (living in the same household) pay full price, and any additional children may
attend the co-op for free with the exception of band/orchestra and lab fees.  We never want finances to hinder a family from participating in the co-op.  If you would like to participate in the co-op but finances would not allow it, please contact Angela for arrangements.
Parents Involvement/Responsibility: While parents are welcome to observe, help, and be involved as much as they would like, we only ask that a parent volunteer one hour of time per semester.  This is just one hour per family, not per child.  There are many
ways to volunteer: Helping in the nursery, Assisting a teacher in a class, Substituting for a teacher, Assisting with clean up, Helping with supply organization this summer, Office work that could be done at home or at the church on an off day, General set-up and organizing this summer/prior to the fall start day.  If you are unable to volunteer, we ask that you  pay a $10 fee.  We want to continue to minister to moms by giving  you that day to complete tasks of your choosing, but we could also use a hand here and there and hope that one hour  wouldn’t be too much to ask. While some parents hang around during the co-op, many drop off/pick up.  Either is fine.

Needed Supplies: Please mark ALL supplies with your student’s name

Supplies and Curriculum to Purchase

All classes – pencils, folder, backpack/bag, & notebook paper

Elementary Classes – In addition to above, scissors, ruler, 2 glue sticks, markers, & crayons

Intro to Band – Recorder, Folder for music, Essential Elements Student Book 1 for the Recorder

Band/Orchestra – Instrument (drum students will need a snare drum), Music stand, Pencil, Essential Elements 2000 that correlates with their instrument – Book One for Beginner Band and Book Two for Intermediate Band.  This can be purchased on-line or at a local music store.

Intro to Music – Note Speller by Schaum Book 1 and a set of Hal Leonard Music Flashcards Set A (one set of flashcareds per family) – Availabel at Kidder Music Store or online

Art – Sketch Book, Colored Pencils, Watercolor paint set, painting smock or large, old t-shirt


K5-2nd Grade: Exploring Spanish Grades 1-2 by American Education Publishing

2nd-4th Grade: Skills for Success Spanish Elementary by Carson-Dellosa

4th-6th Grade: Spanish in 10 Minutes a Day

Note to Spanish students: With only having one hour of Spanish a week, it is good for students to go through these books twice to allow for better mastering of the language. The second time through the student will continue to reinforce what they retained the previous year and gain a better understanding of concepts they did not fully master.


K5-2nd Grade – Pencil and Folder

3rd-4th Grade – Just Write Book 3 by Elsie S. Wilmerding & Alexandra S. Bigelow Available through Amazon, CBD, Etc.  NOTE: The 3rd/4th grade writing/speech class rotates Just Write Book 2 and Book3 every other year.

5th-6th Grade  – Jump In by Apologia This book will be used for two years.  Half will be completed one year and half the next.  Even a student entering during the year when the second half is being taught will be fine.

7th-12th Grade – The Elegant Essay Writing Lessons: Building Blocks for Analytical Writing by Institute for Excellence

Government/Civics – The Land of Fair Play Available thru Christian Liberty Press, Rainbow Resources, etc.


Purchase the textbook and the journal.  Grades K5-2nd use the junior journal.  Grades 3rd-6th use the regular journal. All of the science classes use Apologia Curriculum and can be purchased from their website or other websites offering homeschool curriculum such as Rainbow Resource and Christian Book Distributor.  Purchase the book/journal that corresponds with the class they are taking.

Zoology is Land Animals.

Physical Science – Apologia Textbook & Journal*

Biology –  Apologia Textbook and Journal*

Biology Lab – Dissection Kit with specimens

Chemistry Lab – Apologia Chemistry Lab Kit

Chemistry – Apologia Chemistry & Journal* as well as The Elements (by Theodore Gray)

*For Phyisical Science, Biology, and Chemistry, the journal is optional, but it is very helpful

For more information use the contact us page.

Are you ready to register your student(s)?  Click on the “more” tab to preregister online.  You can then print and fill out the registration form that can be mailed in to complete your registration.

The Dunlap Co-op is not a school.  We are a ministry offering
weekly classes to enrich and encourage what an individual is being
taught and is learning outside of our classes.  The parents of
our students are responsible for their own adherence to state standards,
grading, and end result of how they use the information they receive from the
classes offered through this ministry.

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