Class Descriptions

Around the World: England

Let’s hop across the pond to England! Exploring the land of castles, queens, and tea. We’ll explore iconic places like Buckingham Palace or Westminster Abbey!


Art Alive

Come walk the halls of the Louvre right here in Dunlap, Illinois!  We will focus on a different artist, their work, and style of art each day.  You’ll even get to try your hand at creating different projects and using different mediums.


Bet You Can’t Do This!

How do you feel about challenges? Do you love them? Do you hate them? In this class we’ll learn that challenges can be fun and exciting!


Books Alive!

Books can take you to places that you would never visit in real life. Book can teach you about all kinds of people and languages! You could even explore outer space through reading a book! Books are not boring! Books are alive!


Candy Science

Science is a fun way to use your five senses to learn about things around you! What better way to learn science than by using candy? We’ll use candy in our experiments to prove just how sweet science is!


Cereal Math

Kids love cereal! Kids love to play with their food! How about combining both of these loves to inspire a love for math? In Cereal Math students will learn math and have fun with cereal at the same time!


Civil Engineering: Bridges and Tunnels

People have overcome crazy obstacles, including canyons, mountains, and bodies of water, to construct these incredible passageways.  We’ll explore the creativity and science behind bridges and tunnels.


Computer Coding

Have you ever wondered what its like to build code on a computer? Do you even know what coding is? In Computer Coding, you’ll get to learn what it is and how it makes your computer work!


Craft Creations

Do you love making crafts? Well, this class is for you! Together we’ll make all sorts of cool crafts that you can show off to your friends and family!


Election Mayhem: Polls, Primaries, Politicians

2016 is an election year. Do you know what that means? Doesn’t it seem that’s all the adults are talking about? Learn in this class how you can join the conversation!


Emergency Responder: EMT

You’ve probably already learned to call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency, but do you know what happens on the other side of the phone? We’ll have a trained EMT to teach you exactly what goes on.


Fashion Design

Do you like to draw pretty clothes or pretend you are a princess and dress up like one for fun? Well, in this class you’ll get to design your very own clothes! Who knows, you may end up with an award winning fashion line someday!


Fitness Frenzy

Run! Jump! Throw! Catch! Hop! These are the kinds of fun things we’ll be doing in this class. Being healthy and fit doesn’t have to be boring.


Fitness is Fantastic

Get your heart rate going! We’ll be doing all kinds of activities to see just how fun and fantastic fitness can really be.


Food Fair

Food is a yummy part of everyday life! That’s exactly what we’ll look at in this class. Together we’ll learn about some super cool foods, and get to eat them too.


Future Firefighter

Have you ever wanted to meet a real firefighter? In this class you can! They’ll even teach you how to respond in emergency situations and perform mock drills with you. We’ll also do some exciting experiments.


Games & Gadgets

This class is for those who love to have fun both indoors and out!  We will play games and also get to try our hand at a few fun gadgets, too!


In Motion!

On your marks! Get set! Go!  This may not be the year for the summer Olympics, but we’re going to start our training now!  Get up and moving on these beautiful summer days and have some friendly competition while you’re at it.


Iron Chef

Who is our next Bobby Flay?  You will get to experience making your own creative dishes in this exciting cooking school where everyone wins!


Jokes On You

There will be a laugh a minute in this class as we interpret jokes, create our own jokes, and have a rip roarin’ good time together!



Legos, Knex, and Keva! You can create anything you want with these really cool building materials. Build a skyscraper or a car or even an entire city.  The only limit is your imagination!


Mad Scientists

Science is a really fun way to experience the world around you. In this class you can act like a “Mad Scientist” and perform all sorts of fun and exciting experiments!


Messy Masterpieces

A tried and true favorite class at SPY Camp!  This is one class you don’t want to miss!  It’s your chance to get dirty and be as messy as you want without getting in trouble!  We will use everyday items in ways you never imagined to create fun projects.


Money Honey

Mom, can I have some money? This class will show you how money was made and all the different kinds of currency in the world.  We will also develop our own currency and exchange system.  You will love this money, honey!


Numerous Numbers

1..2..3! Numbers are all around us. You see numbers at home, at the store, at school, and so many other places! In this class we’ll learn about numbers and see just how many there are!


On the Move

Let’s get moving! Sitting in one place is no fun, so this class is all about getting up and moving!


Outdoor Adventures

We’re taking learning outside for this class. Who knows what kinds of fun and exciting things we’ll discover, or what animals we might encounter on our great, outdoor adventures!



Do you have an interest in camera’s and photography? Then you are in the right place! We’ll learn tips and tricks for capturing special moments and beautiful sights.


Pint-Sized Picassos

Picasso was a famous artist; he is especially known for his silly face paintings! Wouldn’t you like to paint like him? In this class you can learn how to paint and create beautiful masterpieces of your own!


Relays and Races

Don’t forget your tennis shoes because they always make you go faster! You’ll need all the speed you can get in this class to compete with your friends and win the race.


Rescue and Response

Do you know what to do in an emergency situation? In this class trained professionals will teach you exactly what to do when you don’t know what to do! You won’t want to miss this!


Science in Motion: Keep It Moving!

How exactly do objects move? What makes them move? This class is all about motion! I bet you didn’t know there are special forces that make objects move. In this class we’ll show you exactly what they are.


Science Secrets

Isn’t it fun to explore the world around you? In Science Secrets we’ll discover the secrets that hide in the world around us! There are so many cool things to discover!


Sew, Party, Paper

You don’t need to spend millions to make your parties look like a million bucks!  This fun and creative class will teach you how to make your own invitations, decorations, and favors for your guests.  If you like crafts, planning, and creativity, you will love this class!  Look out Pinterest; here we come!


So You Want to be President?

What does the President do? Where does he go? What kinds of people does he meet? We’ll learn about the office of the President and how exactly someone like you can become the future President.


Sports Training

Sports are a great way to get strong and have fun with a team at the same time! In Sports Training we will train you to be the best you can be at any sport!


Spy Science

Do you ever pretend that you are a spy on a secret mission? Do you enjoy science? This class combines both of those super awesome things! We’ll learn how science can help you in your top-secret mission.


Travel America: Locations and Legends

We live in an amazing country with many diverse and interesting places to explore! We’ll spark your curiosity and imagination with legends from the past.


Travel Peoria

We live in an amazing place!  Come join us and learn some interesting facts and maybe even some new places right here in our own backyard!  We will be going on field trips.


Who Let the Dogs Out?

Do you love dogs? Dogs can be super fun and cute, but they are also really smart! In this class, you’ll learn about the different types of dogs and how they learn to do tricks. The best part is you’ll get to meet a real service dog!


World Traveler: Australia

Australia is a mysterious place! It’s home to kangaroos, the Sydney Opera House, and so many other cool scenes and sights. In this class we’ll take a journey to the land down under.

Do you know 100% for sure you are going to heaven?