Building Campaign

Our Vision

Counseling Center | We live in a world of people who are looking for real answers to life’s toughest questions. Dealing with issues such as divorce, depression, debt, disabilities, and much more can be overwhelming. People need hope and we believe God’s Word has the answers. Through “Running with the Vision,” we will be able to provide helpful biblical counseling to our community free of charge.

Growing Congregation | Our church continues to grow at a rapid rate. Our current auditorium will seat approximately 144 comfortably. If we continue to grow at our current rate, we will have maximized our seating capacity by summer of 2014. “Running with the Vision” will allow us to accommodate as many as 400 attendees.

Education & Nursery Space | This is perhaps our greatest and most immediate need. There is absolutely no room for Sunday School expansion; most of our classrooms are at capacity during the Sunday School hour. Our nursery is overextended as well. Our AWANA program is limited because of our AWANA circle. Through “Running with the Vision,” we will remodel our current facility to expand our Sunday School, facilitate our AWANA program, and provide adequate nursery space.

Daycare & Aftercare | We have a large number of single parents living on our community. Most of them are forced to enter the work force; therefore, there is a growing need for daycare and school aftercare. Being strategically located across the street from an elementary school, “Running with the Vision” will not only allow us to meet the immediate need of providing daycare and aftercare but will also provide us an opportunity to meet their spiritual needs.

Expansion of Church Staff | “Running with the Vision” will add two new offices, which will allow us to expand our staff.


Plan of Action

As a part of “Running with the Vision” every family and friend of this ministry will be asked to make a financial commitment for the purpose of securing the down payment needed to begin the process of our building expansion. This campaign will continue over a three-year period. For each of us, our commitment will be over and above our regular tithes and offerings. No one will be told what he or she “should” give. We simply want each person to consider what God wants to do through him or her in this campaign. “Not Equal Gifts, but Equal Commitment” is what we want to be taken to heart. Each of us, – doing our part as the Holy Spirit leads – moves us forward, achieving our goal. While gifts may vary in amount from family to family, the equality of sacrifice and commitment should not. Our challenge is to know and respond to God’s individual will for our lives in this very exciting time in our history.


What Should I Do?

Pray | By now you have probably begun to pray about what God would have you do. If not, ask the Lord’s guidance as you begin to get involved in this campaign. This is one of the most important steps you will take in preparation for your response to “Running with the Vision.”

Talk to Your Family | Husbands and wives should discuss this matter and seek God’s guidance together. For those of you with children, you may want to make this a family time of prayer and come to a group decision. If you are single, you may want to discuss this with a close friend.

Decide |  Your decision to give, and how much to give is between you and the Lord. Make your commitment reasonable, yet one of sacrifice that stretches your faith and believes in God’s ability to respond to it. Decide how much you feel God wants you to give at this time and during the next three years.

Use the Commitment Card | The commitment card is for your convenience to inform the church of your commitment. It can be turned in during the Sunday Morning Worship time on April 28 or someone from the “Running with the Vision” leadership team will call your home within the next two weeks, should you be unable to attend that particular service. Please call the church if you know of anyone who wishes to make a commitment and does not receive a commitment card.

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