About Us

The Co-op

Dunlap Co-op was started in September of 2011 and is a ministry of Cedar Hills Baptist Church.  The co-op meets weekly at Cedar Hill Baptist Church located at the intersection of Cedar Hills Road and Allen Road.

The Teachers

Angela Beddingfield – Co-op Director and Teacher 
Angela and her husband, Tim, have three biological children, and two, soon-to-be-adopted, foster children.  They moved to Dunlap in 2010 when her husband    became the pastor of Cedar Hills.  She loves kayaking, biking, serving at church, spending time with her family, education, music, and children….and most of all, donuts. 😉  Angela has a bachelors degree in elementary education, a masters degree in educational psychology and gifted education, and is beginning her  doctoral work in counseling with a specialization in community care and traumatology this fall. She directs the Dunlap Co-op and will be teaching Fun Shop,   Government, General Science, and Anatomy this semester.


Rachael Baker-Christophel – Teacher 
Rachael will be teaching the elementary Chemistry and Physics Science class. She loves her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is married to a wonderful man for   over 19 years and is blessed by God to be the mother of three great kiddos. She has a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Secondary Education as well as a     master’s degree in School Counseling. Rachael taught Science in a local public high school for eleven years before making a career change and staying at   home with her children.


Mark Beddingfield – Teacher 
Mark graduated from high school this past May and is in his third year of college as an elementary education and music education major.  He enjoys music, sports, church work, working with children, and Michigan football.  He teaches private music lessons, works with the music program at Cedar Hills, and works at Chick-Fil-A.  Mark will be teaching 4th-6th grade writing this year.

Erin will Erin Bell – Teacher 

Erin will be teaching K5/1st grade art, reading/math enrichment, and science.


Rebekah Buswell – Teacher 
Rebekah moved to Peoria in 2015 from Mason City, IL, where she had previously tutored a homeschooled student for 6 years in literature, writing, grammar, spelling, and sciences. She has a degree in English Literature and enjoys reading, writing, music, singing, and drawing. She has been married to her husband Devin for 8 years and has a 4-year-old daughter named Sydney. Rebekah will be teaching art, biology, and 7th-12th grade writing.


Courtney Krohn – Nursery 
Courtney is wife to Kyle, an accountant for a local medical facility, and mom to Christopher 3 and new little Cameron born at the end of August.  Courtney has a business degree and enjoys spending her days taking care of her fun boys.  Courtney will be doing nursery for co-op this year.  The co-op nursery is for children of teachers or parents who are signed up to volunteer that day.

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